Use Cases

Wireless connectivity provides limitless opportunities. Due to its cost-effectiveness and low maintenance effort WiBACK becomes an interesting option not only for companies, which want to sell pure broadband connectivity to their customers, but also for other services. WiBACK can be designed to meet your peculiar use case.

Exemplary scenarios in which WiBACK can be used

Exemplary scenarios in which WiBACK can be used

Examples for this deployment include temporary wireless networks for large events, fast network deployment in disaster areas, broadband Internet services for rural areas, and wireless wide-area infrastructures in emerging regions.

Broadband service to rural regions

ISPs in rural and remote areas share the problem that no (broadband) connection is available upon which they can rely upon and building up new connections is often economically unfeasible. Given its cost-effectiveness and limited maintenance requirements, WiBACK offers a low cost alternative that allows ISPs to extend their network economically also in those regions.

Dedicated network for service provider

Besides ISPs also many service provider face the challenge of lacking broadband connection to offer their services. Given its cost-effectiveness and limited maintenance requirements, WiBACK offers an alternative that allows service provider to operate their own network dedicated for their specific service.

Typical examples are eHealth, eGoverment, eCommerce or eLearning providers, which want to sell their services also, or even particularly, in rural and remote are- as. Since WiBACK is inherently self-managing and can operate in unlicensed spec- trum it is very cost-effective making it worthwhile to operate it as a dedicated network for a specific services.

Video Surveillance network

WiBACK nodes can easily equipped with video camera surveillance equipment. Such a setup can be used for example to control borders but also remote control of machinery or large factory premises. This is made possible as WiBACK offers carrier-grade, high capacity while only requiring limited power supply. WiBACK thus enables installation of a holistic video surveillance solution without the necessity to install new wires to connect cameras.

For specific use cases please contact us for your customised design and support.