Applied Research

DeFuTech Research


To solve problems no one wants to address by creating new technological solutions that have an affordability index. We want to accelerate market readiness of breakthrough technologies by collaborating in prototype testing and field trials.

Research DNA

As a spinoff from one of the largest research institutes in Europe, doing Applied Research is in our DNA. We want to solve real problems and see these solutions gain market adoption.

Past Project

Software Defined Wireless Network (SDN4Wireless). Our first research project investigated innovative approaches for decentralised management of wireless access points for radio data transmission. This was sponsored by Bundesministerium für Bildung and Forschung. DeFuTech was an associate partner in a consortium of 5 other partners. The project lasted from Sept. 2015 - Aug. 2017. Planning a project proposal?

Research Focus

Beyond 5G for Rural Connectivity.

IoT Connectivity Solutions

Science of data driven Self Organised Networks.

Technology Testing


As part of the SDN4Wireless project we made public our findings and test results. These all centered around a Software Defined Wireless Network. Access to the publication via Google Scholar or Research gate.