WiBACK Products

A typical WiBACK Network consists of only two types of electronical equipment keeping the system simple. A network requires
one WiBACK Controller managing the WiBACK network and any number of WiBACK nodes which forward and provide connectivity at their locations. Different types of WiBACK Controller and WiBACK Nodes are available for different concrete deployment scenarios.

WiBACK Controller

WiBACK ControllerWiBACK Controller-S is a small device that can manage up to 100 WiBACK Node-2-Connect or Node-2-Connect II.

controller-rWiBACK Controller-R is the 19” rack version of the WiBACK Controller. It is more powerful than the WiBACK controller-S and provides higher reliability against hardware failures.

controller-vWiBACK Controller-V is a WiBACK controller delivered as a Virtual Appliance, which runs on a KVM Hypervisor.

WiBACK Nodes

Node2-ConnectWiBACK Node-2-Connect I is equipped with two 5GHz radio interfaces and forward data or provide connectivity at is location. Because different frequencies can be used, the two radios do not interfere. A WiBACK Node-2-Connect I is designed to be deployed outside and can optionally be powered with solar-energy.
[WiBACK Node-2-Connect Datasheet]

Node-2-ConnectII-freeWiBACK Node-2-Connect II is the successor of the WiBACK Node-2-Connect I and provides same functionality but with a higher throughput.
[WiBACK Node-2-Connect II Datasheet]

Node-2-ConnectII-freeWiBACK LoRaWAN Node is our IoT wireless backhaul solution to connect sensors up to 20km away to an integrated LoRaWAN gateway. This multi-radio, multi-protocol solutions can be seamless integrated to your existing network and easily scalable.

Please note, depending on the concrete deployment scenario different antennas are required. Please contact us for further details.