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Applied Research focus on technology testing, integration and field trials.

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Providing Affordable Wireless Connectivity Solutions to the underserved.

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Solar powered WiBACK installation in Colombia


To deploy their award winning e-learning solution, BlazingSoft contacted DeFuTech to extend internet connectivity from fiber rings in the city centre to remote schools using WiBACK. The stories and impact were simply astounding.


AICOS as part of the SV4D project provided support for educational services allowing the exchange of e-books, access to educational videos and perspectives on different teaching styles. In making this a reality, DeFuTech facilitated the sale of an ideal and sustainable ICT infrastructure (WiBACK).

WiBACK Node-2-Connect deployed in Bruneck, Italy


Not every location can be reached with fibre infrastructure due to cost and mountainous terrain. The city via Stadtwerke Bruneck identified WiBACK as the idea solution for extending internet connectivity to homes, hotels and tourist hotspots


An independent network that owned and managed by the citizens. Such a city wide free WLAN access is a necessary public infrastructure for a better image of the city. DeFuTech was contracted to supply the ideal solution for a successful deployment of a wireless backhaul network.

WiBACK on top of a pole in Bunda, Tanzania


In Bunda, WiBACK was used to provide affordable internet access. With financial support from UNDP, technical assistance from Fraunhofer and Dar -es- salaam institute of technology, the goal of connecting the municipality to support private and public sectors was realized.

Cape Verde

The Sustainable Villages for Development (SV4D) has created opportunities for communities in Cape Verde with the Konekta initiative. This was not just another IT infrastrucute deployment but a collective transfer model where locals played an actively role in the network setup for schools and households. A network setup for the people by the people.


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