WiBACK Technology

WiBACK is a directed, “plug ‘n’ play”  radio technology that can be easily used by virtually everyone due to its self-management features.  These management mechanisms clearly distinguish it from alternative directed radio technologies, since they reduce the complexity and, thus, tremendously eases deployment and operation. The low complexity is achieved by intelligent algorithms, which allow WiBACK to be widely self-managed and to run autonomously. This reduces costs and time needed for setup and maintenance, but provides higher than usual reliability and quality as well.

The WiBACK System

WiBACK employs a centralized architecture, with one network controller that inherits the intelligence of the system. This controller configures the network. It controls and manages the WiBACK Nodes, the radio links set up between these and all traffic that runs over the network. One controller is needed per network.

An example of a typical network is depicted below. The links are typically between 1 and 20km and multiple spots are provided with various services.  Since there is no Line-of-sight (LOS) between some of those spots solar powered rely nodes are additionally deployed.

Due to WiBACK’s self-configuration the deployment of a WiBACK network is ex-tremely easy and does not require any special trained staff. Besides mounting the nodes, pointing the antennas and, if required, connecting the solar cells, everything else is done by the WiBACK controller.

The WiBACK Management Software

As an interface to the user, the WiABCK system offers an easy-to-use web interface. Network administrators can remotely see the current topology at a glance, make bandwidth reservations, detect problems or perform firmware updates.

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Real-time Network Monitoring