High performance wireless broadband

Nowadays, the availability of broadband coverage is still not yet self-evident, which is mainly due to the high costs incurred for the construction and operation of infrastructure. Fraunhofer’s and DeFuTech’s WiBACK technology provides plug ‘n’ play high quality wireless networks for low-cost broadband connectivity beyond in the  urban areas.

Connectivity Everywhere

Cost-efficient wireless technology is the key

Wireless technologies are a solution

What do remote villages in rural Germany, Thailand or Columbia, the islands of Greece scattered throughout the Aegean Sea, the hilltops of South Africa or the large acreage of Turkey composed of plains, shore sides and mountains have in common? First, the harsh environment of these emerging regions makes it challenging to provide communication infrastructure due to the low population density and the huge distances. Second, they represent an untapped market attractive to international players.

Wireless solutions help reduce the high deployment cost. However, they are often complex to set up and to maintain even for experts. Operating large-scale deployments lead to increasing effort and uncertainties, which causes higher costs and less reliability. Therefore customers often lack confidence in using such systems.

Revenue problem in rural areas for typical operators

Revenue problem in rural areas for typical operators


The WiBACK Advantage

WiBACK is a radio technology developed to solve the aforementioned problems by extensive self-configuration features. Complex networks can be established in a “Plug & Play” method and ensure substantial time savings and increased safety and reliability. It requires no expert knowledge and opens the deployment of networks, for all who need it.