The self-configuring WiBACK system is designed to minimize the setup and operational efforts. To avoid common show stoppers or roadblocks, we suggest that before planing a WiBACK deployment you check our FAQ. Depending on your experience level with (wireless) network equipment, you should be able to plan and set up a WiBACK deployment on your own.

In case you have special deployment or connectivity requirements, or prefer the network to be planned and set up by DeFuTech experts, we offer the following consulting and implementation services:

  • Site Survey: DeFuTech experts help evaluating potential deployment locations for WiBACK Nodes with respect to their suitability. This can include spectrum usage analysis, line-of-sight considerations, solar-power energy supply dimensioning or antenna consulting.
  • Network Dimensioning: Depending on the concrete deployment scenario we can assist during the network planing phase to optimally dimension and plan your individual WiBACK network to suite your needs.
  • Network Integration: Even though a WiBACK network itself does not require much effort for installation and maintenance, some tasks might need to be performed to integrate WiBACK into a potentially already existing infrastructure. DeFuTech can assist during the integration of a WiBACK network into your existing routing, monitoring or billing infrastructure.
  • WiBACK Adoptions: If you have a very specialized use case currently not supported by WiBACK or if specialized features or interfaces need to be supported by WiBACK in your deployment scenario, DeFuTech can enhance WiBACK with the required functionality in most cases.
  • WiBACK Integration: You offer a specialized service that could greatly benefit from a closer integration with the WiBACK system ? We are open to partnerships to make it happen.

All consulting services are offered either as remote or onsite services. Please contact us for a detailed offer.